Three Steps To Joy | Carolyn Hobbs


The three basic ingredients for this inner transformation are willingness, curiosity, and courage. These will help you step into a more mature, joy-filled way of relating to life.

Willingness is key. Willingness allows your heart, your emotions, your conscious awareness and unconscious fear to align together in the direction of healing. It clears the fog so you can see yourself clearly. Willingness makes it easy to let go of unconscious habits. Whenever a client is about to touch deep anger, sadness or fear, I´m always careful to ask, “Are you willing to heal this issue completely?” You don’t need to know how to make the change, as much as fear demands that you do. Willingness engages the wisdom of your body and heart and, as you will find out, they are trustworthy guides.

Curiosity replaces judgment. Rather than judging yourself, inside, for having back pain, feeling sad, or getting sick, curiosity engages your childlike wonder. As you wonder what the sadness is about, your inner wisdom floods your awareness. As you ask, “I wonder how do I typically react to fear, sadness, or disappointment?,” you see without judgment your tendencies to feel anxious, stay busy, or withdraw when upset. Seeing clearly gives you choice. As you shift identities more and more into your Being Self, you allow all feelings to share the same space with love and joy.

Courage is required whenever we step into unknown territory. The inner terrain of our unconscious is no exception. Courage helps us see ourselves, and our old habitual reactions, clearly. Ego loves to focus only on our successes, blind to the ways our old habits are hurting ourselves and others. Courage helps us face any pain we’ve been avoiding and move forward into the wise, mature Beings we are inside.


About Carolyn Hobbs

As a therapist, writer, teacher, and workshop leader, Carolyn Hobbs has spent over twenty years teaching clients, couples, and students the path to consciousness and joy.
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