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FREE YOURSELF: Ten Life-Changing Powers of your Wise Heart

Free Yourself Precis

Freedom is the deep truth of who we are, inside our heart. Each moment we wake up out of thoughts, fears and reactions, freedom fills our awareness. Whether anxiety, fear, despair, grief or shame first wet a reader’s appetite, the inner peace found by breathing directly into any feeling in their body keeps them hungry for more. Millions of good-hearted Americans unlikely to seek Buddhist meditation retreats can reconnect here with the unlimited joy, love, compassion and inner peace that, Buddha taught, is everyone’s birthright. Free of religious jargon, readers spend ten minutes daily practicing Being Present, Curious, Aware, Inner Sourcing and Compassionate. Four Heart Tools per chapter build confidence to choose Emotional Generosity, Appreciation, Integrity, Forgiveness and Inner Peace in their love and work relationships.

Accepting all aspects of our humanness is the short path to freedom.